Franchise Concept Design


Step 2

3D floor planning to confirm flow and design.


The Design Proof is Step 2 of the Franchise Design Process. Following your facility layout and design steps, our expert designers give a new dimension and overall shape to what we have created together with you by creating a “Box 3D” series of images. This “Box 3D” will give you a keen sense of space, flow and perception of how the rooms and spaces work together in your new design. Being able to understand where door positions are set, windows, lighting and shadow casts due to wall, door, divider and other element placements within your new design are critical.

Here in 3D, we can make mistakes that are not costly. Moving doors and walls in this stage is simple and it doesn’t cost you valuable time and money as if you were doing this in reality. Today there is no better way to understand and have a feel for your new design than to experience it in 3D. Making build and design decisions based solely on your imagination is a thing of the past. In Active Design Systems 3D renderings, you will have the ability to see your new design space from many angles. These angles are referred to as camera angles or camera views. We can place a camera view in virtually any position to show you how your space will be seen from that very position.

3D presentations also carry a significant amount of weight when sharing presentations with either design review boards or investor groups. Visualizing a project is so much more powerful than a simple 2D drawing or architectural blue print. 3D renderings produce an emotional response that you simply cannot get from other resources.