Hospitality Event Space Planning 3D Design

The Need For 3D in Hospitality

Within the hospitality industry, hotels need to continually improve and update the methods they choose to show or represent their inventory to the potential client or guest. Well over 300 hotel brands and independents use 3D Design replicas to share their offerings to potential clients and guests. 3D Design replicas and floorplanning provides the perfect media for professionals in the hospitality industry to share their property and the design and configurations possible with interested groups and organizations.

The hospitality industry has quickly recognized that the use of 3D Design floor plans provide hotels with a robust way of telling their story by showing various configurations online, allowing the potential client or guest a way to virtually visit spaces and configurations without an actual visit. Planners and organizers can appreciate these new tools that help them quickly visualize a space and lead them to a definitive answer. 3D Design allows customers to visualize the space — to include but not limited to meeting spaces, ballrooms, guest amenities and even guestrooms. All of these areas may be shown in different design, themes and color palettes.

Our Services and Process for Hospitality

Processes are critical in working with the hospitality industry. Hotel professionals are not 3D and/or design specialists, and typically have no desire to become one. Providing a relatively simple process that streamlines the steps to collecting the pertinent information necessary to completing a 3D Design replica of what the hotel or other services provider most efficiently is what we do.